Components of Computer

5 Components of Computer

When it comes to searching for components of computer, it can be real fun. However, it is another story when things are expensive. You still need them for your PC or laptop. If prices have gone sky-high and you do not make much, there are cheaper options. You can even find them online.

To help you find the best components of computer online, here are five (5) most recommended websites. Each has its own specialties. They also offer cheaper deals. It is time to fix or upgrade your computer too, with the best components possible:

1. AliExpress

Components of Computer

So, you want to find all computer components possible in one store. For this one-stop-shopping, check out AliExpress online. It is an enormous online marketplace, where you can find all types of hardware. Whether they are branded or not, the price and quality are the considerations.

Most people would go for branded computer components. Still, even if you find them here, they can still cost as much as those in the US or EU-based vendors. However, you might want to consider the unknown brands of computer parts here. They may be not popular and cost you less.

However, do not be put off by such facts. You will never know unless you do your research well. Do not hesitate to ask AliExpress detailed questions regarding the components of computer. (Another suggestion is to avoid buying CPUs and GPUs here.)

2. eBay

Components of Computer

Perhaps, some of you have got refurbished computers at home. A refurbished computer is almost like a secondhand, with an exact difference. After being used for at least once or twice, the computer is usually still in good condition. Then it is revamped, repackaged, and then resold.

With eBay, you can get the best components of computer online – for refurbished PCs. They do have stuff for brand new hardware and even secondhand parts. Just like AliExpress, they also sell unknown brand products. They also have refurbished components for your PC or laptop too.

With eBay, you need to be more thorough, because anything can still happen. You may want to have something cheaper, but do not forget to be realistic about setting it. The computer components that you want may appear with the right price. Whether it is more affordable or expensive, that is up to your decision.

3. NewEgg

Components of Computer

This website is one of the most considered sources. If you aim to find the best components of computer online, NewEgg is the place. This is an amazing place, especially when it comes to end-of-season clearance sales. We all know what that means: a safe haven for anyone with a limited budget.

There are varieties you can find here, from brand new hardware to the refurbished kind. There are plenty of great deals too. Ask the right questions, and NewEgg will direct you to the right components for your PC or laptop. This will help you to save time. They can also offer you what you really need.

The many discounts they offer might lead you to a ‘sugar-rush’-like effect if you are not careful. Although most of the offers are cheap, spending too much on what you do not really need is not wise. Refrain from posting questions at their forum right away. You might find the same requests already posted there.

4. Micro Center

Components of Computer

CPU-owners favor this place over anywhere else for good reasons. For starters, they have plenty of discounts for CPU, major hardware stuff, and even brick-and-mortar store. They also offer real-world assistance if you come to their actual store. You can even pick up the stuff you order on the same day there.

Micro Center staff is also helpful and knowledgeable. They will help you to match prices between the online and physical stores too. You can get the right components of computer here with the right prices, online or else.

With Micro Center, you do not have to avoid so much. This is one of the best websites to find components of computer online.

5.  Amazon

Components of Computer

Who doesn’t know Amazon? This online marketplace has been widely popular for selling a lot of things. Of course, this means they also sell components of computer online.

With wide varieties, you need to choose wisely. Careful considerations are needed to avoid buying the stuff you do not really need. Since you are looking for cheaper prices, avoid anything that is beyond the reach of your existing budget.

There are return policy, Black-Friday discounts, hardware discounts for RAM. You can also choose to purchase from Amazon right away or their verified, third-party seller. You can get extra discounts from the latter. Enjoy the three benefits of using Amazon:

  • Return policy.
  • Customer service.
  • Vendor communication.

The last things to note down:

Secondhand or refurbished components of computer are what you need if your budget is limited. You can try to find a well-known brand, but Chinese-brand products are also a great alternative.

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