ASUS versus Alienware: Which Laptop You Choose for Gaming?

ASUS and Alienware both make gaming portable workstations which are intense and alluring. Be that as it may, all things considered, you can just get one. This article will enable you to choose which brand of portable PC to pick.

ASUS versus Alienware: Gaming Laptops, Fight!


ASUS and Alienware are two of the most well-known gaming portable PC producers. Alienware obviously spends significant time in gaming PCs, while ASUS offers gaming PCs under the G mark, with the most well-known decisions being the G51, G60, and G73. Anybody hoping to purchase a gaming portable workstation will presumably wind up taking a gander at these two organizations.

The inquiry is – which would it be a good idea for you to really spend your well-deserved cash on? This article investigates both ASUS and Alienware to figure out which is most deserving of your money.



With regards to cost, there is next to no opposition amongst ASUS and Alienware. ASUS beats Alienware in each example, and now and then by a wide edge.

For instance, analyze the Alienware M15x and the ASUS G51JX-X1. Both of these frameworks begin at $1199, yet the ASUS G51 hugely outflanks the Alienware of a similar cost. The Alienware accompanies a Core i3 processor, while the G51 accompanies a Core i7. And keeping in mind that the essential Alienware accompanies genuinely pale Geforce 240M illustrations, the ASUS G51 accompanies the substantially more intense Geforce GTS 360M. The Alienware additionally has less RAM and a little hard drive.

Obviously, it is conceivable to redesign the Alienware so it is more aggressive with the G51JX-X1 on execution. In any case, these redesigns are exorbitant. An Alienware M15x prepared likewise to the ASUS G51JX-X1 will cost over $1800, or $600 more than the ASUS item.

Performance and Features


As is dependably the case with PCs, the execution of a PC is to a great extent subject to the execution of its segment parts. Think about the above correlation. The G51 would clearly beat the Alienware M15x unless expensive overhauls are bought for the M15x, however, that isn’t on the grounds that Alienware is poor at designing a PC. It is essentially in light of the fact that Alienware charges more for equipment than ASUS.

One region where Alienware can brag of leeway over ASUS is the plan. Alienware items have a special look to them, and this is additionally improved by the AlienFX lighting framework which can be balanced by the client. Gamers will experience passionate feelings for the furious looks of Alienware portable workstations. Despite the fact that it might appear to be shallow to experience passionate feelings for a PC over its looks, you do need to utilize it consistently. Why not pick something which looks great?



Both ASUS and Alienware have had quality issues before. ASUS has had various clients announcing that the G51 overheats too effortlessly. Alienware, then again, has some amazingly poor client audits and is additionally part of Dell, which has an extremely normal notoriety for long-haul unwavering quality and client benefit.

Despite the fact that these issues may appear to be condemning, in all actuality, there is minimal better to prescribe. Gaming portable workstations are to some degree delicate by nature. Pressing costly and intense PC gear into a little frame factor will undoubtedly bring about high working temperatures and long-haul dependability issues. All in all, both ASUS and Alienware tablets are as high of the value as you will discover in any gaming portable PC phone today.



All in all, in the skirmish of ASUS versus Alienware, who is the victor?

ASUS. The motivation behind why ASUS is, for the most part, a superior decision than Alienware just comes down to cost. Given that there is no genuine distinction in execution, quality or long haul unwavering quality between an ASUS and Alienware item it bodes well to pick the item which is more affordable. Purchasing an ASUS G arrangement gaming portable workstation will spare you a great deal of cash, cash which can be spent on different things – like recreations!

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